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Nov. 21st, 2009



Dethklok News: Weekend Edition, 20-21 November 2009

Your Mind = Blown in capslokdethklok
Crush the Industry (Song from RenovationKlok) in capslokdethklok

heartsandguts: Assignment Delay
capslokdethklok: [adult swim] Dethklok Tour Swag Contest
i_hates_you: Weekly Prompt Challenge

Fan Fiction
One Shots/Drabbles
Hear Me by cannibalklok (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Crowd Perspective by alexanonymous (Nathan & Pickles, not rated)
Backdraft by cdrhom (Dethklok, PG-13)
First Dates are Brutal by onikotsu (Nathan/Charles, PG)

Serial/Multi Part
The Language of Trees (Part II) by [Unknown LJ tag] (Murderface, PG-13)

Fan Art
Cyborg Slayers by curiousityband (Dethklok, PG)
Takin' Care of Toki by andreaoftheland (Toki/Skwis/Nathan, NSFW
Various Art by tokis_bunny (Various Pairings, PG-13)
More Awesomeness by sushiandpie (Charles & Skiws, NSFW)
Various Art by stealing_mail (Dethklok, PG-13)

May Contain Cilantro

For those new to dethklok_news, I do a Weekend Edition for both Friday and Saturday instead of separate ones because this is a rough and rowdy fandom and most of the fic writers and art makers are too busy living the rockstar life to post, which is fine. I don't mind a night off.

This season I'm going to start doing a Post-Episode Edition which would be for Sunday and Monday. I figure most people will be too busy watching the show and freaking out over the hidden sex scene planned for this week- I mean, uh, I've said too much to check for an Edition. Also, it helps keep spoilers down since by Monday night the show will be posted for non-cable having fans and ripped for non-US fans.

And like every Edition, if there's broken links or misspelled names or anything, comment here so I can fix it. Thanks!
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Nov. 19th, 2009


Dethklok News: 19 November 2009

dethklokminute Updates
Dethklok Press Conference

Concert Reviews/Summaries & Real-Life Stuffs
Las Vegas Concert by zydratelove

Dethklok-like Actions In My Life? in metalocalypse

Fan Fiction
One Shots/Drabbles
Extreme Makeover: Mordhaus Edition by lupinity87 (Dethklok, PG)
Picture by onikotsu (Nathan/Charles, PG)
Blood by revalie (Charles, PG-13)
DanceKlok by sabrelioness (Dethklok, R)

Serial/Multi Part
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style (Part IIX) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, R)
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style (Part IX) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)

Fan Art
Dick Knubbler Dance Party by yappatan (PG-13)
Femme!SnB & Ladyklok by hallo_katzchen (NSFW but tasteful)

Fan Videos

"Troublemaker" AMV
by alexanonymous
Desuklok to "Panchira Obu Jotoito" by telluryan

You know the drill. Find a broken link or misspelling or whatever, then comment here so I can fix it.
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Nov. 18th, 2009

Pickles - SnB


Dethklok News: Wednesday, 18 November 2009

dethepisode: Mod Challenge #3: Fanart, Tributeklok

Deddy Bears in capslokdethklok

Fan Fiction
One Shots/Drabbles
The Answer They Reveal by acromatica (Charles, PG)
When a Pockles Met a Pockles by xixthe (Pockles the Drummer [from the tribute band "Thunderhorse"]/Pockles tho Drommor [living Weeble], crack)
Macho Macho by murderofonerose (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Dethpiggie by citizenjess (Murderface, PG-13)
Second by telluryan (Various Pairings, PG-13)
Recon is the Pits by the_ginga (Gen. Crozer & Toki, PG-13)

Serial/Multi Part
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style (Part V) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, R)
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style (Part VI) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, NC-17)
Dethspawn (Part III) by paper_eyelid (Dethklok, PG)
Orange (Part II of Rainbow Drabbles by rina_riku (Charles, PG)
No Rest for the Wicked (Part IV) by dragonangelx003 (Toki/Skiws, NSFW)
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style (Part VII) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, NC-17)

Fan Art
Comic: Beginnings by murderofonerose (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Comic: various works by murderofonerose (Dethklok, PG-13)
Art: Various by andreaoftheland (Toki, PG)

Gif Request, Murderface & Fatty Ding Dongs Fighting

There are some new faces on the deth_watcher. The new kids in the class are:
dethepisode for your discussion needs
thirstydolphin for those missing the days when Snakes n' Barrels had hair
lamp_party for Pickles/Charles lovers
heartsandguts the Valentine's Day fic/art exchange
st_games which is soon to be active.
So, check them out. Join them. Contribute to them!

And as always, if there are any broken links or misspellings or other weird stuffs, comment here so I can fix them."
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Nov. 17th, 2009


Dethklok News: New Season Update 13-17 Nov 2009

dethklokminute Updates
Dethalbum II TAB Book
HardRockChick.com Review of Houston Concert
Scott Ian on Metalocalypse
[adult swim] DVDs on Demand
About.com Interview w/Brendon Small
In-Store Signings, 15th & 16th
Merch Contest on [as].com

Concert Reviews/Summaries & Real-Life Stuffs
Houston, Thursday 12 November w/Videos by ennead999
Florida, w/video by andreaoftheland

Where You CANNOT Find the Episodes Online
Positively NOTHING Here to Download

Screen Caps & Episode Summaries
Select Caps by astrokittie
~200 Tributeklok Caps by undrwaterfriend

heartsandguts: Sign-Ups End November 15th!
capslokdethklok: It's telluryan's Birthday, Which Means it's Toki/Murderface Day!
capslokdethklok: How Do You Want Your Caps?
capslokdethklok: Mod Maintenance, News, and a Question
capslokdethklok: iScribble Dump and How-To of iScribble

The Real Name of Pickles the Drummer, w/art request in capslokdethklok
Pickles' Drums in capslokdethklok
Nathan Has Spawned? in capslokdethklok
To iScrib or Not to iScrib? in capslokdethklok
Where's the Hero Scar? in capslokdethklok
Tributeklok Discussion in capslokdethklok
Brendon Small, Secret Shipper? in brutalbusiness
Doctor Who is Among Us! in capslokdethklok
Toki/Skwis Lovins in Tributeklok? in i_hates_you
CFO Movie Version in capslokdethklok
In Which We Learn that Brendon Small is Tyler Durden and We Are Edward Norton (aka: CLDK at Its Finest) in capslokdethklok

Fan Fiction
One Shots/Drabbles
Dethsoap: As the Klok Turns by buzzbee17 (Dethklok, R)
Angeburden by mendori (Nathan/Charles, R)
Without You by indigo_x (Nathan/Charles, not rated)
Another Suitcase in Another Hall by acroamatica (Nathan/Charles, G)
Halloween Hassles by crystallicsky (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Never Have I Ever by crystallicsky (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Beyond Bed and Bath by crystallicsky (Nathan/Charles, G)
Klokwork Brutality by crystallicsky (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Better Than Sex On Fire by crystallicsky (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Timing is Everything by dwarrowchild (Nathan/Charles + OC, PG)
The First Supper by deepfryerfire (Dethklok, PG)
Bloodied Gears by onikotsu (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Crash Landing by acroamatica (Nathan/Charles, PG)
[untitled] by zydratelove (Toki/Skwis, PG-13)
5 Meetings in the Manager's Office that Were of Significance by vibrant_daphne (Nathan/Charles, not rated)
Red by rina_riku (Charles, PG)
Five Drabbles by lupinity87 (Multiple Pairings, G-R))
Before the Storm by lupinity87 (Nathan/Charles, R)
Scarred by zsomeone (Toki & Nathan, PG-13)
Dethspawn by paper_eyelid (Dethklok, PG-13)
Verpflictung by mendori (Charles & Nathan, R)
Marks by fae_touched (Nathan/Charles, NC-17)
Pickles by zombiebamf (PG-13)
Hear Me by cannibalklok (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Nothing! by mandy_chu (Nathan/Charles, PG)
Pep Talk by wierd_katharine (Murderface, R)
The Beginning Days by madwriter223 (Nathan/Charles, PG)
The Air That I Breathe by delaese (Nathan/Toki, R)
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style (Part III) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style (Part IV) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Gifted by zombiebamf (Toki, G)
A Day at the Movies by pandaklok (Nathan/Pickles, R)

Serial/Multi Part
Happy Birthday Charles (Part I) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Happy Birthday Charles (Part II) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Happy Birthday Charles (Part III) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, NC-17)
Happy Birthday Charles (Part IV) by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Nathan Explosion's Guide to Style by skwisguarded (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
No Rest for the Wicked by dragonangelx003 (Toki/Skwis)
Too Obvious for Obvious by vibrant_daphne (Nathan/Charles, R)
Dethspawn (Part II) by paper_eyelid (Dethklok, PG)
Love is Brutal (Part IX) by gossamerstarsxx (Toki/Skwis, R)
Nine Months (Prologue) by lostscore (Dethklok, PG-13)

Fan Art
Charles/Pickles by hildico (NSFW)
Foster by gearsmoke (Charles, PG)
Dethalbum II Inspired by stealing_mail (Dethklok, PG)
Making Jeans More Brutal by alah13 (G)
Skwis & Toki by safety_caesers (G)
Art Dump by hallo_katzchen (Multi-Character)
Dethklok Tablet Testin' by paper_anchor (G)
Happy Birthday, Telluryan by gearsmoke (Murderface & Toki, G)
Nathan/Charles by deani_bean (NC-17)
Art Dump by alexanonymous (PG-13)
Toki/Skwis Sketches by hallo_katzchen

Icons, Graphics and Photos
Dethsims: Respects Dem Ladies by alexanonymous
Desktop Icons! by curiosityband
224 Icon Bases by undrwaterfriend

Well, kiddos, that's it for gigantifucking editions. My shoulders are killing me and I'm tired.

If there's any broken links or crap like that, please let me know right here in the comments so I can fix it.
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Dethklok News: Beginning of Season Edition 08-12 Nov 2009

dethklokminute Updates
Brendon Small Interviewed by PremiereGuitars.com
TV Guide Summaries of Tributeklok and Deth Health
Brendon Small Interview with LA Weekly
Brendon Small Interview with NewsaRama

Concert Reviews/Summaries/Real-Life Stuffs
Signature by gearsmoke
Sunday, 08 Nov Concert by andreaoftheland

Where You CANNOT Find the Episodes Online
Where to NOT Find the show online, for Non-US Fans in capslokdethklok
A MegaVideo Link That DOESN'T Go to the Season Premiere by the godly capslokdetklok
Where you CAN watch the video on [as].com in capslokdethklok
NOT a Downloadable Version of Season Premiere in capslokdethklok

capslokdethklok: AIM Chat
heartsandguts: Sign Up Time!
i_hates_you: Kloktoberfest Winners!
brutalbusiness: Beginnings are Brutal Reminder
thirstydolphin: Join the Thirsty Dolphin Today!

Character Analysis of Toki and Skiws in i_hates_you
Cable-less People Commiserate in capslokdethklok
Post-Ep Talks with a Slashy Spin in sausagefestival
Post-Ep Talks while in Cruise Control for Cool in capslokdethklok
Post-Ep Hug Party in capslokdethklok
Huge Metal Fan Lookalike in capslokdethklok
Dethklok's Record Company in capslokdethklok
Tommy Blacha No Longer Exec. Producer? in capslokdethklok
Some More Discussion in capslokdethklok
News on Blacha's Involvement with the Show by piedcrow
iTunes Season Pass by megooma
Ofdensen v. Offdensen in capslokdethklok
Ruby Metronome in capslokdethklok
Real-Life Dethklok in capslokdethklok
Even More Season Premiere Discussion in capslokdethklok
Nathan Has Competition in capslokdethklok
Butler Cologne in capslokdethklok

Screen-Caps & Episodes Summaries
Season Premiere Highlights(cell phone pics) by deani_bean
More Highlights by capslokdethklok
Charles-centric Caps, Premier by vibrant_daphne
EarlyKlok by vibrant_daphne
Season Premiere by fractioned
Season Premiere Caps by undrwaterfriend

Fan Fiction
Pre-Season Three Works
Gear Girls by geekychan (Nathan/Charles, PG)
Indispensible by crystallicsky (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)

One Shots/Drabbles
Nine Months by piedcrow (Nathan/Charles)
Sixth Sense by buzzbee17 (Nathan & Charles, PG)
Beautiful Dreamer by uriel760 (Nathan/Charles, PG-13)
Immortal by piedcrow (Charles & Pickles, PG-13)
In This Altitude It Rains, Almost Constantly by vibrant_daphne (Nathan/Charles, R)
The Accidental Guitarist by zsomeone (Toki/Skiws, not rated)
Green-Eyed Monster by mendori (Charles, R)
The Language of Trees by paper_eyelid (Murderface, R)
Back in Grey by silvarbelle (Dethklok, not rated)
Banjoklok by silvarbelle (Nathan/Charles, not rated)
Dethfart by silvarbelle (Murderface, not rated)
Cosplayklok by zsomeone (Dethklok/Chicklok, PG-13)
Executive Decisions by acroamatica (Charles, PG-13)
Hold On Tight by fae_touched (Toki/Skiws, NC-17)
Alive by lupinity87 (Nathan/Charles, G)
Essays Are Hard by murderofonerose (Toki, G)
Deth Threats Mean 'I Love You' by dinahmoehum (Pickles/Charles, PG)
A Helping Hand by zsomeone (Nathan & Skwis, PG-13)

Serial/Multi Part
No Rest for the Wicked (Chapter Two) by dragonangelx003 (Toki/Skiws, not rated)
Gear, Cogs, Klok (Chapter Six) by lostscore (Dethklok, OCs, PG-13)
Witchklok (Chapter Three, Part Two) by yourlostmuse (Dethklok, not rated)

Fan Art
Pre-Season Three Works
Nouveau Project by andreaoftheland (Dethklok, G)
Completely Murdered by ftw302 (Dethklok, PG)
[untitled] by pigeonfeathers (Toki/Murderface, G)
"So expensive it makes me hornys" by hallo_katzchen (Skwis, R)
Holding On by ellianmeir (Toki & Skwis, R)
[various works] by invadertwinkie (Toki & Skwis, PG)

Charles and Pickles by telluryan (PG-13)
BAMF Charles + Child!Pickles by seasonsofwither (PG)
Charles by sushiandpie (R)
Snuggles by gearsmoke (Pickles/Charles/Nathan, PG-13)
Skwis in Pencil by terrytoppinen (G)
Troll King Toki by sabrelioness (G)
Kittyklok by pigeonfeather (Dethklok, G)
Awkward by telluryan (Murderface/Toki, NC-17)

Icons, Graphics, and Photos
Dethsims by alexanonymous
Premiere Icons by fractioned

Murderface, Halloween by murderfacer
Pickles circa Snakes n' Barrels, Halloween by stealing_mail

Meat n' Eat Meetings in the Closet
Ohayocon 2010 Update

OSU Article on Dethklok Concert
Dethklok Disco Elves
Screen Cap Request

I will be posting the thirteen to today later tonight. I love you.

I did leave Kloktoberfest off and I'm sorry. I figured since I had caught just the very tail end of it that it would be unfair to include just one entry and not any of the others. The entries are still there in regular categories and the announcement of the winners is there too. They're just not in a snazzy separate category.
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Oh Shi-

Um, hey.

So there haven't been any updates since May. And that blows. I got hospitalized for some shit back in May and then you know how crap just goes from bad to worse and I've been taking a break from the fandom which sucks for dethklok_news because I'm the only editor/maintainer.

However, with the new season here everything will be coming back full force and therefore, I'll be posting again. It'll probably be pretty slow and crazy at first because my computer jumped ship and I don't have my easy peasy pre-made stuff anymore.

So, I'm sawwry. I feel like I've let you fine people down, but I'm back. In black. In fact, go to youtube and find that song and reread this post while it plays at full volume.

May. 21st, 2009



Dethklok News: 20 May 2009

dethklokminute Updates
[as] Upfronts Reminder

Meet & Eats
Anime Boston in capslokdethklok

Fan Fiction
Serial/Multi Part
Dream (Part Three) by kumquat_chan (Toki/Skiws, not rated)

Fan Art
Illustation to Sparklocalypse by ani_mama (G)
Dethklok, SnB, Dethfam by bananastickers (R)
Murderface by 87octane (PG)
Toki & Skwis by andreaoftheland (G)

If there are any problems or any issues, comment here so I can fix them.
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May. 19th, 2009

Pickles - Knockers


Dethklok News: 19 May 2009

Super Awesome Things That Were Left Out of the Last Update
Fic: The Death That Follows is Coming Home by zsomeone (Yardwolf, not rated
Art: Dethklok by zsomeone (G)
See, if I mess up I make up for it.

dethkink Looking for New Leadership to Take Over and Turn Around.

Baby Skwis & Survivor: Dethklok in capslokdethklok

Dethwedding by swirthwein
PR Pickles by swirthwein

Fan Fiction
One Shots/Drabbles
Fandom Clicheklok by zsomeone (Dethklok slash, R)

Fan Art
Dethklok by zsomeone (G)

Icons, Graphics, and Photos
Second Life Skwis Cosplay by madam_mew_mew

So, what happened to the contests that were going on? They were there and then *POW*! Gone.

If you've got any issues, broken links, problems, what have you, comment here.
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Pickles - SnB


Dethklok News: Finals Week Edition 12-18 May 2009

dethklokminute Updates
DethGame Trademark Surfaces

capslokdethklok: Dethfiction.com Now Open for Business!

Charles v. Anton from No Country for Old Men in capslokdethklok
Dethklok Refs. In Meme Generator in capslokdethklok
Skwis Walks Among Us (Video) in capslokdethklok
Skwisgaarian Vanity: Fact or Myth? in sausagefestival
Crackiest Crossover? in capslokdethklok

Fan Fiction
One Shots/Drabbles
Deth/Sex/Poem by zsomeone (Toki/Skiws, NC-17)
Stay for the Party by dwarrowchild (Nathan/Charles, PG)
Drabble by teratomarty ([cannot list due to spoilers], R)
6 Icon Drabbles by zsomeone (Multiple Pairings, NC-17)
Drabble by yourlostmuse (PG-13)
For the Record... by indigo_x (Charles, not rated)
Magic 8 Ball by zsomeone (Toki, not rated)
Shot in the Dark by indigo_x (Nathan/Charles, not rated)
[untitled] by regularjackoff (Nathan/Charles, NC-17)
By My Own Hands by xanical (T)

Serial/Multi Part
Once Upon a Time (Part VIII) by gossamerstarsxx (Toki/Skwis, PG-13)
Once Upon a Time (Chapter Five) by madam_mew_mew (Toki/Skwis, NC-17)

Fan Art
Nathan by 87octane (G)
Mini Comic & Art Dump by justbeinadick (Dethklok, PG-13)
Charles by bananastickers (G)
Art Dump by justbeinadick (G)
Dethfashion Feminized by tokis_bunny (Dethklok, Pg-13)
Nathan/Toki by puella_improba (NSFW)
Nathan/Toki by mundo_fine (G)
Nathan by 87octane (G)
Pickles & Skiws by alexanonymous (G)

Fan Videos
Dethklok Dance Party by alexanonymous
Detklok Dance Party by alexanonymous
Nathan's Story by bananastickers

Icons, Graphics, and Photos
7 Text Based Icons by madam_mew_mew
Toki-Kid, AK Metalfest by otherhazards
Charles 80s Cosplay (Second Life) by madam_mew_mew

I'm sorry guys, I could have sworn I did updates last week but then again it was hectic and wild and erratic. So I'm sawwry.

If there's anything wrong, comment here and I will fix it.
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May. 12th, 2009



Dethklok News: 11 May 2009

If Toki Didn't Play a Flying V... in capslokdethklok

Request: Screenshot from Dethsources For Icon

Fan Fiction
One Shots/Drabbles
[untitled] by zsomeone (Oscar Explosion/Serveta Skwigelf, PG-13)

Serial/Multi Part
Once Upon a Time (Chapter Four) by madam_mew_mew (Nathan/Skiws, NC-17)

Fan Art
Toki by 87octane (PG)
Twinkletits and Mr O'Neal (Daria) by catspook (PG)

Icons, Graphics and Photos
Icons: 6 Text Based by madam_mew_mew (Note: Posted with a NC-17 story.)
Photos: Playmoklok by catspook

If there's anything wrong, broken links, miscredit, please comment here so I can fix it.

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